Measurement solutions for the Iron and Steel Industry

Date: 02.03.2020

Agellis develops, manufactures and markets electromagnetic level measuring/detection solutions, as well as infrared monitoring/detection solutions for the worldwide molten metals industry. We have a strong commitment to enhance our customer’s productivity, safety and long-term profitability. Agellis is a fully owned subsidiary of RHI Magnesita.

EMLI-FurnaceSlag / Electromagnetic slag detection for furnaces

AGELLIS EMLI-FurnaceSlag constantly monitors the steel flow during tapping of the furnace and provides alarm outputs at the onset of slag in the stream. These outputs can be used to immediately end tapping by changing furnace tilt angle, while at the same time giving visual and audible alarms.

EMLI-LadleSlag / Electromagnetic slag detection for casting ladles

AGELLIS EMLI-LadleSlag constantly monitors the steel flow during draining the ladle at the caster and provides alarm outputs at the onset of slag in the stream. These outputs can be used to immediately end pouring steel to the tundish by initiating gate closure, while at the same time giving visual and audible alarms.

EMLI-TundishLevel / Continuous tundish steel level measurement

EMLI-TundishLevel provides the operator with extremely sensitive measurement of the true steel level in a continuous casting tundish, irrespective of the amount of slag or powder present. With a measurement range over the full depth of the tundish, the operator will always have precise information about the steel level, be able to maintain the correct ferrostatic pressure height and also to drain the tundish while preventing slag carryover to the mould, thus increasing yield.

EMLI-MouldLevel (Suspended and Edge) / Electromagnetic mould level measurement

The Agellis EMLI-MouldLevel measurement solution continuously monitors metal level in the CCM mould during casting and provides outputs to control the flow to maintain desired operating levels. EMLI-MouldLevel system is the most advanced electromagnetic mould level measurement system available on the market. It is exceptionally accurate and reliable. The flexible electronics platform ensures an easy installation and a wide array of options is available. The automatic calibration rig performs a full 21 point calibration in a matter of a few minutes, making sure that maintenance procedures demand a minimum of resources and can be performed in a very short period of time.

VISIR-LadleSafe / Ladle hot spot detection

The risk of a ladle breakout will always be present in steelmaking with equipment damage and loss of production as the costly consequences. Your production and operation routines could minimise this risk, but the fact remains; as long as liquid steel is transported using ladles – ladle breakouts will occur from time to time. VISIR-LadleSafe is based on infrared camera technology using data analysis to evaluate the steel structure thermal status of your ladles. Automatic thermal imaging can detect much earlier potential dangerous thermal ladle shell status than the human eye.

Key features: Breakout Early Warning, Temperature Trending, Optimal Refractory Lifetime, Data Mining

VISIR-FurnaceSafe / Furnace breakout prevention

Agellis VISIR-FurnaceSafe infrared monitoring of your furnace shell minimises the risk of liquid steel breakout and maximises your operational furnace availability while at the same time increasing safety. VISIR-FurnaceSafe continuously monitors the furnace shell thermal status and trends temperatures covering over 100 000 measuring points. The monitoring system automatically alerts you when detecting early signs of dangerous hot spots, helping you to handle the situation before it becomes a hazard.

VISIR-LadleDeslag / Ladle Skimming Monitoring

The VISIR-LadleDeslag system monitors ladle skimming operations to help achieve clean ladle steel for further process operations, while at the same time ensuring that excessive metal loss is avoided. VISIR-LadleDeslag cameras and software evaluate the ladle surface slag content and feeds information to the operator when a sufficient skimming has been achieved.

Key features: Deslagging Monitoring, Deslagging Control, Data Mining