RHI Magnesita offers a complete range of refractory products and services intended for steel industry. These include basic and non-basic bricks and mixes; isostatically pressed products and prefab components as well as special machinery, repair systems and services for the lining of diverse units on site. In the Contract Business segment, RHI Magnesita offers customized solutions for individual units or segments, depending on customer requirements; the extended version, RHI Magnesita Full Line Service, covers refractories solutions and services for entire steel plants. RHI Magnesita products intended for steel industry have the superior quality status on the market.


Refractory products used in cement industry, not only meet the expectations of cement manufacturers in terms of productivity and cost-effectiveness, but they also contribute to development of modern cement production process. Unique refractory solutions are reflected in a large number of patents including active spinel technology (minerals magnesium – alumina) for standard bricks for rotary kilns, IS impregnation technology for fireclay and alumina products. Developments of new technologies, reacts on increased consumption of alternative fuels what is important contribution to availability and productivity in the modern cement production.


In the lime industry market, RHI Magnesita is positioned as a full range operating supplier, which means that in addition to top quality materials, it also offers consulting and engineering services, professional project management through kiln management, its monitoring conducted by supervisors and aligning superior quality with environmental standards and service provided by engineers working around the world. A high level of dimensional accuracy and stability, as well as resistance to extreme thermal and mechanical stress significantly contribute to longer service life of the entire lining, thereby improving operational safety and overall plant efficiency.


When energy is concerned, complete solutions are offered for various plants, as well as for plants for environmental and energy efficient technologies. They include a wide range of services, from concept design and unit planning, consulting and selection of appropriate refractory products, their delivery and installation and finally to logistic and after-sales support services. Customers are provided with exceptional, future-oriented, refractory solutions.

Chemical & Petrochemical

RHI Magnesita offers superior solutions for chemical and petrochemical industries. These solutions include innovative refractory solutions for GTL processes (gas-to-liquid), the production of better and purer diesel fuel, coal gasification. This significantly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and abrasion resistant mixes used in FCC (Fluid-Catalytic-Cracking) plants.

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