Cement & Lime

ESTANDA Foundry is one of the leading manufacturers in the market. When it comes to the cement industry, there is a variety of specially designed steel components for grinding raw materials and cement, castings which are used in the preheating process, steel alloys used for rotary kilns in the process of raw cement calcination and special steels for cooling cement clinkers. ESTANDA offers services required in the field of process engineering, optimization solutions, installation, diagnostics and technical service. Its willingness to meet technical requirements of its customers has positioned ESTANDA as the top manufacturer.


ESTANDA offers special steel components which play an important part in the technological process of generating electricity and thermal energy. These products are used in electric power plants on inlet walls and liner plates for grinding of coal in horizontal mills and they have exceptional resistance to wear. These products, such as grate bars and special steel elements resistant to high temperatures, are also used in power plants that use biomass as an energy source. Guiding stainless blades and steel parts are a part of our offer intended for hydro power plants.

Mining & Quarries

The services and products intended for mining industry (mines and quarries) include special steels and alloys for crushing and grinding minerals and rocks. Special steels are resistant to abrasion and wear. The range of products includes the following:

  • Highly resistant impact plates for grinding within the impact zone, intended for quarries (limestone, quartz, gravel) designed to break up, impact and crush stones and rocks for mining and quarries.
  • Blow bars for powerful impacts adapted to the hardness and grain size of crushed material. This is an unbreakable product with a long service life.
  • High-performance hammers absorbing the effects of crushed material structure and provide good hardness and resistance to wear.
  • Kinetic pre-grinding systems used for preparation before crushing – unlike traditional ones, ESTANDA has developed a new complete system for pre-crushing of various materials (limestone, quartz, clinker, coal) which enables grain sizing and more homogeneous distribution of material which contributes to the overall production and energy efficiency.

Wood Industry

With experience in the manufacture of special steels and alloys for various industrial sectors, ESTANDA also supplies the wood industry with products. Components and parts in different steel types for manufacturing wood panels, MDF, PB panels and plywood: screw pipes, grate bars for boilers, rings, bushings and cyclones.


ESTANDA manufactures products for the railway sector. It is one of the main suppliers worldwide of steel brake discs for high-speed trains and locomotives for the main multinationals in the sector. More than ten thousand of Estanda brake discs are running in high-speed trains all over the world. For the railway sector we also manufacture the following items: hubs, bogie frame members

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