Who we represent

We represent two companies who are producing different product lines but which are used in the same scope of industries.
We represent top producer of refractory materials, company RHI Magnesita from Austria,
and top producer of high-performance steels and alloys, foundry ESTANDA from Spain.

Where we operate

We operate in 5 countries of SEE region:
Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.

We cover market with:

6 steel plants

8 cement plants

6 thermal power plants

3 chemical and petrochemical factories

And much more...

Who we collaborate with

We collaborate with several partner companies in cognate business activities,
which enable us to provide customers and clients with a wide range of products and services.

Selected customers by industries

We work with top-notch producers from metalurgy, construction materilals industry, energy and chemical and petrochemical industry.

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