Long-term cooperation and mutual trust

We create partnerships with our customers. Support, trust and sharing of common interests and goals based on responsible business are fundamental values. Special field of operation allows us continuous development and improvement of work.


HTR REFRACTORIES was established in 2013 aiming to become a reliable supplier of refractory materials of superior quality in the heavy industry market. We specialize in business representation and intermediation in the sale of materials intended for production processes that require high temperatures. We also provide services and technical support during the process of implementation and monitoring performances of refractory products. Since 2015, we have been intermediating in the sale of specially designed cast steel products, high-performance steels and alloys used in various sectors of industry.

Mision and Vission

As a dynamic and ambitious company, we strive towards establishing long-term cooperation with customers, based on the principles of mutual trust and respect, which makes us a reliable representative. To provide the best products and services to our customers is basic mission of our company. Our vision is to improve customer network through cooperation with our principals. That is the vision we develop through a professional relationship based on the principles of business ethics and continuous improvement of business relations both with clients and the companies we represent.


We are special agency who work with the best in business to provide our clients with top-notch service and products. These manufacturers are from the sector of heavy industry with complex manufacturing. We are specialized in refractories and high-performance steels and alloys. We work for global leaders from those fields. HTR Refractories is the official representative of the following companies: RHI Magnesita based in Austria and ESTANDA from Spain.

RHI Magnesita, Austria - one of the largest producers of refractory materials.

ESTANDA, Spain - foundry for the production of specially designed steel products.


Cooperation, production and trade of equipment, drive tehnology and spare parts intended for the basic industry.

Designing, delivery and installation of refractory, thermal insulation and acid-resistant materials.

Metal process company, providing services and performing craftwork in construction and industry.

Where we operate

We operate in 5 countries of SEE region:
Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.


Our customers are leading regional manufacturers from construction materials industry, metallurgy, and energy, chemical and petrochemical industry.

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